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Quotes WOW....As usual you did it again Vanessa. Always changing things up for us to keep our muscles guessing. Those backward lunges were torture...CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT CLASS!!!! Quotes
Julie Camacho
Whoop Whoop

Quotes Vanessa kicks MY tail every time in Cardio Kick on Monday nights!! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to try the "Playground" workouts! Looking forward to it! :) thanks Vanessa! YOU ROCK! Quotes
BodyRock and Cardio KickBoxing "junkie"

Quotes I just want to say thank you for all the wonder training that Vanessa gave me as a personal trainer. I got hurt years ago and could hardly move my armes without pain. Vanessa worked with me for serveral months and it was amazing and alot of fun. I really looked forward to her coming to my home. Vanessa is really good at what she does and loves to change peoples lives. I still use what she taught me. I miss her now that she lives in Colorado Springs. Make sure you go and see her. Quotes
Terry Grooms
VP of Higher Desire LLC

Quotes Vanessa was one of my instructors at the National Personal Training Institute. Very knowledgeable, very friendly, and more than qualified to get you on the path to leading a more fit, healthier life, FOR life. Quotes
Eric Taimanglo

Quotes Vanessa, you are a true inspiration to all! I miss you not only as a friend but as my personal trainer. You are the one that got me moving in the right direction when I first moved out to Colorado. You pushed me further than I thought I could be pushed (in a gentle way, of course) and through that I realized just how strong I was. I was in the best shape of my life when I lived out there....both physically and mentally. With your knowledge, experience, and dedication, you can change the lives of many. Thank you for believing in me! Quotes
Elizabeth Short

Quotes Best training I ever had. Glad you have continued personal training all these years. You are a great motivator and kept me trimmed down!! Quotes

Quotes Great background and education! I hear wonderful things about your classes! Your levels of motivation and enthusiasm are clearly evident, and serve as a postive influence for myself and other participants. Quotes