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Leg Workout

Posted by vgorillas on April 22, 2013 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Good Morning FIF fans :).

Everyone has a Body Challenge. A part on their body that we always say, "Why can't I get my tummy smaller?" "I wish my legs were leaner!" My Butt is too Flat!"  Well, You CAN have a smaller tummy, leaner legs, and a more rounded behind!  Here is the secret......HARD WORK!

Anything Worth Having is Worth Working For!

Well my Achelies Heels are my legs! 

I have competed in 21 figure competions over the course of 10 years. My off season weight has usually been 160, and my competion weight 118-126. Even at a weight of 118, my feedback from the judges has always been, " we had you marked in the top 3 from the front, but when you turn around, we mark you down!" Why? Because of the "not quite leanness of my legs." I provided a picture for prospetiveness. To show that the level of lean expected on stage, is in No Way in alignment with what is Beautiful. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.


Pic Weight 118, New Mexico 2010

Pic Weight 126, New Mexico 2014

After many years of "Downing" myself for my Full lower Body Figure, I have learned to embrace my Voluptuous Booty and Thighs. I now realized that the level of leaness expected for competition, is not a realistic measure for healthiness. One can be beautiful without being 8% body fat.

I have been training to add muscle for about 6 months. I know that I have been successful at this, due to my percent body compostion (% body fat taken). At an offseason, I am at a weight of 160, yes, I printed that, 160! This was a hard pill to swallow. But to put into perspective, during the training of my first competition, I added 7 pound of muscle in the course of 4 months.  Why would I want to do this???? Well for every pound of muscle gained you increase your resting metabolic rate by approximately 50 calories.  Which means the body will burn 50 more calories per day!

My purpose for doing this is because my metabolism was tanked!!! I was teaching too many cardio classes (2 times each day), not lifting weights enough (lack of time and energy), not eating enough (due to my busy schedule). I have now adjusted my schedule to include less cardio and more strength.

Now that I have gained the muscle I set out to achieve, my goal was use it to Shed Body Fat! Giant Sets and Sprints (with Clean Eating!) have been my key to leaning down my legs.

Seeing the Difference between last competition and the most current, 8 pounds heavier, but a better physique and body composition!

So!! Here is my favorite Giant Set Let Workout!

I go through the following without rest. Rest at end of Circuit. I Repeat 3x's!

  • Walking Lunges        15 Reps (Bar on upper back)
  • Step ups                     20 Reps (No Weight-slow controled, no jumping)
  • Wall sit                        1 min
  • Water Ski Squats       20 Reps (Using a Cable, Bar, and Stand on a Bosu)
  • 1 Legged Dead lift     20 Reps @ leg (dumbbells)
  • Pliometric Lunges     12 Reps @ Leg
  • Hip Thrusts                20 Reps (1 dumbell)
  • Ball Hamstring Curl  20 Reps (Stability ball under feet)
  • Inner Thigh Squeeze 20 Reps (Stability Ball between thighs)
  • Calf Raise                   20 Reps
  • Sled Sprints

This is very advanced! Beginners, start with one circuit.

Let me know what you think!

My message to all: Don't lose site of your goals! But don't let you body image define the Person that you are!

Be Stong! Be Healthy! Be Beautiful!